Magazine leader - April 2013

April 2013

From the Vicar

Holy Week is that time when the whole focus of our attention in on the last week of Jesus' life. Through the liturgy we relive the events of his entry into Jerusalem, the last supper he had with his friends, his arrest, his trial and his execution on a cross. The cross is not the end of the story. On the third day Jesus rose from the dead. His self-giving love on the cross opens the way for that flood of new life that we call the Resurrection. What was true then is also true today. Giving ourselves for others, in sacrificial living, leads to the breaking in of God's Kingdom in the present moment of our lives. That is the Easter message that we celebrate afresh this month.

The election of a new Pope brings a sense of hope for us all, not just for those who belong to the Roman Catholic Church. The way in which Pope Francis seems to live out his life in tune with the poor, and the way he seems to be shunning the trappings of papal power, is an example to us all. It is how we live out our lives which becomes the message that we proclaim. Being a Christian community, who are prepared to pour out our lives for the sake of the wider community, will make the Kingdom of God shine out afresh for our present generation. Our prime purpose as a Church is to live in this way.

Yet how we administer the life of our Church is an important issue. It becomes an essential tool which helps us to live Christ-like lives for the world. Our Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be on Thursday 25th April. I hope that all who are members of our Electoral Roll will attend. Please give some thought as to whether you might offer to stand for the Parochial Church Council, or as a Sidesperson. There will be no 'any other business' at the meeting, so if there is an issue you want raised, you will need to tell the PCC Secretary in advance. We need four new people to stand for places on the Parochial Church Council.

One important issue we will need to face is the future of the Waterloo Christian Centre. The withdrawal of the Methodists and the URCs from the project means that there are only two trustees left, one from St John's and the other from the Waterloo Christian Fellowship. We will need to bring the existing constitution to an end soon and sort out a new one. The key factor we will need to discuss is how we can best live as a community which demonstrates the love of Christ for the people of Waterloo. If we can answer that question, we will have a new vision of how we can best engage in mission and ministry on Waterloo. A new vision is needed if we are to create a new project that will be vibrant and empowering in the mission and ministry it creates. We will value your prayers as we seek to find the best way forward in this matter.

Finally, I wish you all a joyful Easter. Easter is a season which runs to and includes the Feast of Pentecost on Sunday 20th May. It starts with the proclamation that Jesus is risen and ends with the experience of the Spirit, who transforms and enflames lives today just as radically as that first Pentecost, all that time ago. We are called not only to be a community which demonstrates the truth of the risen Christ, but also a community which is open to being filled with the Spirit of the living God. I pray that for all of us this Easter may lead on to a true experience of Pentecost.

Nigel LLoyd

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