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It may be old news to you by now but Chris and I are really delighted to be able to confirm that the Reverend Canon Nigel LLoyd has been appointed vicar of St. John’s.    Nigel has written short biography for this magazine by way of an introduction. Please take time to read this as it is an impressive account of his calling to ministry.  Nigel’s licensing ceremony will take place in St. John’s on Tuesday 27th November at 7:30pm conducted by the Bishop of Sherborne, Dr Graham Kings and his first Sunday service as our vicar will be on Advent Sunday.

The process we went through to find Nigel and confirm that he was right for the parish was very rigorous and needless to say we are very excited at this appointment.  But we do appreciate that some of you may still have some unanswered questions or concerns and that we have not had the time to explain to you all why we think he will be good for us, so if you would like to hear more or discuss your opinions then please do speak to one of us.

Nigel, in his biography talks about his intention in his first months to listen and to hear.   How often do any of us do this?  Do we ever listen and hear what is being said or do we instead listen and hear what we want to hear? Listening means paying attention not only to the words, but also how the words are being spoken, the use of language and voice.  More importantly our ability to listen depends on how we perceive and understand the messages being conveyed and from this we then need to discern what we believe to be the truth.

To listen to our Lord however is different.  We cannot do this in the way that we are used to by using our senses, so we need to do this through prayer and what we hear will lead us to our calling.  It may be a phrase that seems to repeats itself, a sequence of events that occur unexpectedly, or a skill that is given to us.  The important thing is that we must always be ready to respond, however the Lord chooses to speak.  It will different for each of us but each will be of equal importance.

When Chris and I first met Nigel our initial reaction was probably the same as some of yours.  We had our reservations and a long list of things to discuss but the more we listened the more we heard,  not only from Nigel but from our Lord gently leading us to the right decision and all the barriers we put in place simply fell away.  We somehow knew this would happen when the time was right because this is what you all prayed would happen for us. We thank you for those prayers and for all your support during this process.

Our vision for St. John’s is that Nigel will walk with us in faith and encourage each of us to listen and to hear our Lord and then to help us to respond to our calling

With all love and blessings.


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