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In journalistic circles, this time of year used to be known as the “Silly Season” due to the lack of any significant news stories during the holiday period. The resulting newspaper coverage typically delved ever deeper into the bizarre and more trivial in desperate search for news items.

What a God-send the Olympics have been this year creating more column inches of worthy material than any journalist would give his eye teeth for. The Games seem to have touched the lives of many, bringing feelings of wholeness, and a sense of national identity, not just for the athletes and the millions who have watched, but also to the many thousands who have volunteered their time to staff and operate the events, giving something back to the community, as well as gaining themselves from that experience. It now seems there has been an upsurge in volunteering to help sport and youth based organisations which will go on well after the Olympics are over. It is indeed good to see such Christian virtues are alive and kicking in a society which we can all too often despair of. Our politicians talk of “keeping the flame alive”. You never know, when something catches the public imagination good things may just flow from it and might suggest that as a nation we are more prepared to live just a little closer to Christian teachings than before.

To return to a subject a little closer to home, Nigel has had a little bit of involvement with his new Parish by meeting the PCC and the Worship Committee. Then, by a fortunate accident of timing, the Mother’s Union Cream Tea was on in the hall at the same time as a meeting between Nigel, Jane and the Wardens in the Vicarage, so we all came in and Nigel (an MU member himself !) was able to speak to some of our members. Those who have been able to talk to Nigel have remarked on the enjoyment of those conversations and the encouragement they now feel during the waiting period until November 27th and Advent Sunday when Nigel will take his first Sunday Service. The “listening and hearing” which Elaine wrote about last month will be a two way process of course, and will also be for the benefit of the Congregation, as we all get to know our new incumbent as well as vice versa.

Our efforts in working with young people have been well blessed this year. Holiday Club ran for the usual five mornings with 33 children. The theme of “On Your Marks” gelled very well with the Olympics, exploring Teams, Leadership and Trust, inspired by stories like Jesus healing the blind Bartimeaus, and the walking on water. The Olympic displays created by the children had some amazing and incredibly life-like figures of the athletes made out of tin foil. Messy Church hit a new record attendance in July, and we wait to see the August figures with baited breath because the catering arrangements really are now on the limit!

With every blessing to you all, from Elaine as well as me,


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