Magazine Leader - April 2012


Another month gone and still Chris and I are finding tasks that we never knew existed and which we are having to pick up now that we have no vicar! This on top of the every growing list of things to do and fix plus keeping the ‘normal’ routine functioning makes like very difficult indeed, so we are ever grateful for offers of help and support. If you think you have some hidden skills that we could make use of, even for a short period of time then please do have a word with one of us.


So apart from the regular day to day running of the church our main priority now is to find a new vicar! Impossible as it may seem to many of you that we can ever replace Martin, I do have faith that the right person is already being called to serve at St. John’s and that all we have to do is to put a process in place to enable this to happen … and most importantly to continue to pray.


Prayer is the most important part of our relationship with our Lord and yet sometimes the power of prayer is overlooked. I know I am not alone when I admit that prayer is challenging for me. I often struggle to find time in a busy schedule and I never know where to start or whether I should pray in order of importance or urgency, but at a recent prayer meeting I attended we listened several times over to a passage from Philippians 4 Chapter 6:


Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done (New Living Translation)


For me, the penny dropped and I realised that I could actually hand over all my troubles to our Lord and that with faith my words and my actions would be guided to fulfil his will. So with this in mind I urge you pick up one of our interregnum prayer cards (if you have not done so already) and keep St. John’s in your prayers as often as you can.


Now as promised more about the recruitment process and the timeline. We are working with the Archdeacon’s office and have an agreed schedule but we are dependent on the finding the right candidate that meets our needs so if we have any doubts or fail to find someone first time around then we may have to repeat the process … even more reason to pray!


Planned dates/events are as follows:

· The PCC have agreed to formally advertise the vacancy and by the time this letter goes to print our advertisement will have already appeared in the Church Times. The wording for the advertisement was agreed by the PCC and a copy of this can be found at the back of the Church.

· We have now finished the Parish profile. This document gives an overview of the parish, our church, our people and our current churchmanship and most importantly it outlines our requirements of a new vicar. This will be sent out to prospective candidates with the application forms. Again, there is a copy in church and it will be made available on the parish website. If you would like a copy sent to you directly then please email your request to

· The next stage of the process is to review the applications and to shortlist these for interview. This shortlisting activity is due to take place on 18th April and will involve Chris and I (as representatives of St. John’s), the Bishop, the Archdeacon and possibly the Rural Dean.

· Interviews will then take place on the 10th May. There is still a lot of planning required for this stage so more about this in the next magazine.


I would like to finish by thanking everyone involved in keeping us going so far. Our services have been blessed with visiting preachers bringing new views and ideas and attendance at all our services and events is still high. This is a great tribute to the sense of community that Martin worked so hard to build and maintain and although Martin is no longer here to lead us we will continue as Martin taught us in the strength of the Lord.


As Holy Week approaches, Chris and I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Easter.


Elaine Mellers.

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