Magazine Leader - Oct 2012

October Magazine

Leader - From the Church Warden

I was waiting just outside the Olympic park earlier this month waiting for Gez and Sarah to emerge from their day out at the Paralympics and I realised what everyone had been revelling about for the past few weeks.  People of all ages and with varying levels of physical and intellectual ability were all sharing these unique events.   Yes, I had seen it on the news and read about it in the papers but to be there to experience the atmosphere was something else. The roar of the crowds inside the stadium was deafening and as people left the park everyone was so friendly, they were singing and laughing and sharing their experiences.  It was late at night yet the small children were high-fiving the games makers and were so alert and without any tears in sight.  On the trains home people were giving up their seats for those tired or less able to stand (something that rarely happens on our transport systems these days) and there was continuous banter between strangers about the day’s events.    So it struck me that we too should be like this when we enter Church.   We should leave our baggage at home and forget our physical differences, our personal views, our grievances and simple enjoy the time in our Lord’s presence singing his praises and sharing our experiences of the joy of Jesus Christ.   All too often we set ourselves rules and restrictions by which we judge one another and which we carry with us into Church.   Our Church (and not just the building) is for anyone who needs to find Jesus whether through quiet prayer or through jubilant celebration.   We do not know how Jesus will touch people lives or how he will do this or indeed if people will recognise when he is at work.  Therefore we need to be tolerant and open to new ideas and new challenges rather than closed to what we expect and are familiar with.   Let’s remember that Jesus did not mix with the elite or follow normal practises. Instead he welcomed everyone into his house and he prayed with the most unlikely people in the most unlikely places.  We must do the same in his name.

I hope and pray that we will continue to welcome all new people into our church and embrace all new opportunities that may face us in the coming months and years J

So now back to the practicalities of our church life - By the time we go to print the Church roof should be almost completed and we will be finishing off the lighting and repairs to the interior decoration.  We have new microphones so we can now listen to the services rather than concentrate on trying to hear what is being said and being distracted by the background noises and battery failures and finally the decorators will be at work in the Vicarage.  With all of this work completed we should be then ready to welcome Nigel and Jane in November, so don’t forget to put the evening of the 27th in your diary!

I’d like to finish with a huge thank you to you all from both Chris and I.  Not just for all your support to keep the church running smoothly, but for the very generous donations you have given towards our pleas for financial help.  We have had the microphones bought for us, donations towards the roof repairs and internal decoration which will cost more than the insurance will cover and donations towards the decoration of the vicarage which you will find details of later in this magazine.  We could not survive without your generosity and believe me when I say that it is not easy to continually ask for money but unfortunately for us, it comes with the job of being a Churchwarden!

May the joy of Jesus Christ remain with us always.



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