Magazine Leader - Nov 2012

From the Church Warden

This afternoon I have done church path sweeping,  then verger-cum-sound assistant at a funeral, and after that scraping pasta and chocolate pudding off the Church Hall floor where I was beginning to understand why it might be called Messy Church.  Such is the rich and varied life of a Churchwarden where fortunately the pleasures and fun of the job still outweigh the difficult bits.  When Elaine put the Bishop’s question to us in an earlier article of this series “Where is the joy of Jesus Christ in your life?“  I’m tempted to answer that it probably isn’t in the pudding scraping duties, but it is very definitely there in the time spent talking to those children at Messy Church.

We have had one or two new people recently come and try it out as helpers, but we could still use more.  If you are in my age bracket, you only need to be able to function as an average Granny or Grandpa to make it work.  Why not come and give it a try, and see if you can find that  “Joy” for yourself ?.

As the Interregnum now draws to a conclusion, I am tempted at ask, as in all these things, “What have we learned ?”,  “What have we achieved ?”.  Certainly some of us have managed to do things we would not have had the opportunity to try before.  The LPAs have enjoyed the experience of doing more in ministry;  our office staff have become more self sufficient in the day to day operation of the Parish; some of you have generously given money to help us through our problems, and others have just got on with jobs where they saw them as needing to be done.  Certainly when things seem impossible, it can sometimes be difficult to remember just to give the problem to our Lord in Prayer, but so rewarding when you do it, and mercifully some answer appears.

Worship has undoubtedly been enhanced by the “one off” opportunity of experiencing such a broad range of Priests taking our services, an experience not often possible in a lightly staffed parish.  But now we can look forward again to the stability of a permanent incumbent.  We certainly appear not to have suffered in numbers or in spirit, which is so rewarding and contra to the received wisdom from other Churches.

On behalf of Elaine as well as myself, I thank you all so much for your support and spirit of “pulling together” as we wait patiently during the last few weeks before greeting our new Priest.  Advent must be a very propitious time to welcome the new Vicar,  and Elane and I on behalf of us all wish Nigel and Jane a very happy and fulfilling time with us here in Broadstone.

In the December Magazine we should resume the normal pattern of the Vicar writing the Leader Letter, but the timing will mean that the December issue is published on the first Sunday in December rather than a week earlier as usual.

With all good wishes and every blessing to you all, from Elaine as well as me.



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