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Arranging a Funeral in Broadstone
If you are reading this page and you have just lost a loved one, we offer your our
deepest condolences at your loss. This page is designed to help you in the choices
you need to make.
Arranging a funeral will always be a difficult thing to do. The first decision to make
is to choose a good Funeral Director and let them do the arranging for you. They
will ask you whether or not you want a church funeral. There are many choices.
The churches of Broadstone are here to help you, if you would like a church
funeral. If you belong to a particular denomination, you might want to ask the
minister from that church to conduct the funeral. St.John's, being part of the
Church of England, offers its services to everyone who lives in Broadstone (or
indeed anyone who lives further afield but has a connection with our church). We
are here to conduct the funeral of everyone from our community who wants a
Church of England funeral at St.John's or at the local Crematorium or
Cemetery. You can also ask for a member of clergy to conduct the funeral at a
Having made contact with the Funeral Director of your choice, if you wish us to be
involved in the funeral, the Funeral Director will contact our vicar, Revd Helen
Bailey and find a time which is mutually convenient to hold the funeral. Revd
Helen will ring you and arrange a suitable time to visit you in your home to talk
through the funeral. We will want to talk through with you:
1. What hymns would you like?
2. What music would you like?
3. What readings will be used and who will read them?
4. What would you like said about the person who has died and who will say it?
5. What else would you like included in the service?
You may find it helpful to visit the Church of England's website on Funerals
Revd Helen can make suggestions as to music, readings and hymns, although you
might have your own ideas. We are happy to do the reading and to talk about the
person who has died, but you might have family members who want to do this.
We can advise you about timings. You only have about 20 minutes at the
Crematorium, but you can book a longer slot or, if you have the service in
St.John's, we can arrange the timing to suit you.

If you are going to request the burial of ashes in our churchyard, please
remember that we are bound by the regulations laid down by the Consistory
Court in Salisbury. Please see our burial of ashes policy here.

If you need to talk about arranging a funeral, please do contact Revd Helen Bailey
on 07712 022 306. We are here to help!
We also attach: 
Further Information on Planning a Funeral (whether making that future plan for
yourself, or for a loved one).
A four page form to help you Make a Funeral Plan for Yourself (or make the
choices for someone else’s funeral).


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